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Visiting Relatives:


“You have given my son back to me. This is the best place he has ever stayed. I have never seen him this well and so cared for in the last ten years! So grateful for all you do for him. Thank you, I really appreciate it. Well done to all the team.”
“He has done marvellous since he has been in your care. You have taken the time and patience with him to realise that under what can sometimes be an awkward exterior there is an intelligent man with hopes and dreams for his future. You have never given up on him as has happened in the past. Today he is a totally different person from two years ago, that fear of just being sent back to hospital has gone. You have been like second parents but with the proper training we don’t have. Thank you.”
“It’s my first visit to Western House, was not sure what to expect. Impressed was not the word, clean, warm, cosy environment, wonderful staff, lovely food. The best thing was seeing my son happy and healthy and safe. Thank you.”


Visiting Professionals:


“What a beautiful homely, clean and warm environment. Wishing you all the very best in your business venture. Fantastic! Highly Recommended!”
“Very nice, clean , modern, welcoming and friendly. Highest Standard.”
“When I came, I loved it. Very friendly, well decorated, when can I come live here?!”
“A most enjoyable visit home from home. Wonderful environment to recover in. Very welcoming, friendly, plenty of cups of coffee.”
“Made very welcome. Lovely home, helpful and polite staff. Nice working environment, happy atmosphere.”

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